Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving should not be the new Black Friday.

I am refusing to Christmas shop right now.

I so badly want to focus on Thanksgiving.

I don't want my kids, or me for that matter, to forget how to be thankful.

I don't want to go from wanting lots of candy straight to wanting lots of presents.

I want my kids to enjoy the month of November remembering what they have to be thankful for - hoping that it will create in them an attitude of gratefulness all year long.

And I am quite aware that most people have already started Christmas shopping, hunting for the best deals.  I too love a good bargain.  I know there will be thousands of people shopping before the sun has even thought to rise the day after Thanksgiving - and more power to you!

My hubby has worked in retail his whole career and from Black Friday to the first of the year is an insane time. We always gear up for it mentally, knowing that we won't see much of Daddy during those few weeks.

But this year, it's going to start earlier.

This year he has to work on Thanksgiving.

This year, before my kids will even be in bed from the days festivities, he has to go to work so that people can shop for presents on Thanksgiving.

I understand that times are tough.  I understand that businesses are trying to survive and figure out ways to make even more money.

But can't we as consumers stand up and say that we disagree with them taking time from employee's families on Thanksgiving just to make a little extra profit?

I just want to ask you - please don't support these businesses that are open on Thanksgiving.  Please don't go shopping Thanksgiving night...please wait till Black Friday to spend your money.  Please let these businesses know with your spending that we as a country still value family over stuff...over the best presents...over whatever?

Please be respectful and don't shop on Thanksgiving so that managers like my husband can send home his employees because they are so slow, so at least those people will get to spend the evenings with their families.

Let's spend Thanksgiving being thankful instead of thinking about all the things we want and feel we can't live without.



I soooooo agree with you. I worked retail for many years and I hated the holidays because of the hours, I hated not being able to see my family because I couldn't get the time off. I don't shop on Thanksgiving or Christmas. I hope you can still enjoy some time and hope that it won't get to the point where they don't even close on Thanksgiving.

anne diaz

Thank you.Well said.

Mamaw Bee

I totally agree with you. Massachusettes has a blue law on it's books that no retail employee is allowed to work on Thanksgiving. That means from midnight Wednesday night until midnight Thursday night, no one can be getting ready for or participating in working a black Friday sale. Many stores had planned to, but someone pointed out the law that has been on the books since the late 1700's. Now, all the stores have had to reschedule there black Friday sales until Friday. I wish all states had that law. I feel for all those who have to leave their families and go into work late on Thanksgiving just so certain people can get a 5 hour head start on the rest of the world who likes to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families.

Melissa/The Joyful Jungle

I wonder how many states do have that law...because it seems that a lot of companies are trying to pull practices and once a disgruntled employee who decides to enlighten the execs that it is against the law, they back peddle. I wish companies would just care about their people because they see it's good for business, not because they HAVE to.

Melissa/The Joyful Jungle

Yesterday I was shopping at a big craft store and they had a big sign that said they would be open for most of Thanksgiving day. I asked the cashier if she would be working, and she said yes. I apologized and promised her that I would not be a customer that day. She responded by giving me a tremendous discount! I think we can still show people kindness, and perhaps lessen the blow of this ridiculousness.


I was so upset this year about this! I don't understand why they can't wait until friday or even Friday and Saturday and why it has to encroach on Thanksgiving. People should not have to work then!

Justanothertiredmommy I rarely go out, but I DID this year and I am NOT proud. I love what you said and I FULLY agree--which makes me a bit of a hypocrite. Though the only reason I even THOUGHT of going out is because it was 11:30, my friend was in town and we were UP--sans children! NOT A GOOD REASON! I remember when you couldn't even get FOOD on Thanksgiving--better days! As for Massachussettes--GOOD FOR THEM! If I had ANY ambition, I would look up what the laws are in other states...

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