Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday, la la

 Luke has a runny nose a close to death bed cold (are all boys/men like this?) which excites Emma to no end.  No people, she does not delight in her brother's illness, but my four year old wants to be a pediatrician when she grows up (which I'm totally ok of our kids needs to make some money!) and when one of her siblings is sick, she turns into Dr. Emma and tends to their every need.  And yes, I'm absolutely fine with this as Luke requests Emma to serve him hand and foot instead of me...and she does so gladly. 

For all you inquisitive minds out there - yes, I've been trying to cook.  This weekend I failed miserably at eating right, but today is a new day.  And I didn't gain any weight with my little eating excursions, so it's all good.  And how do I get dinner cooked with 3 children at foot?  I put them all on the counter, and give each of them a task to do in the process.  And, they tend to eat dinner and enjoy it if they "made" it.  Win.

Today I am going to be signing Emma up for soccer.  Luke doesn't really want to play (since the only time he actually ran during t-ball was when it was snack time.  But since I will NOT be coach again, I can't risk him deciding he wants to be a soccer star the first practice and have no authority to just throw him on the team.  So I will be signing both of them up.  Yeehaw.  And Lily as you see here fell in love with baseball and really wants to play sports...right now.  She's as tall as most 4 year olds even though she is 2, who would know?  Well, darn honesty and setting a good example for my children.  She will just have to wait.

Oh ya, notice the easel in the hallway.  This is NOT where it belongs.  They like to use it as a ladder which is horribly unsafe, but I figure it's a lost cause for now until someone breaks an arm.  Also, notice what Lily is using as a baseball...she's a resourceful little girl.

Talking about Lily.  She is only 2.5.  When she turned 2, she was in the 97th percentile for a THREE year old.  She is a tall girl.  However, Lily does not talk.  Wait - she did not talk.  But now we have a speech therapist (whom we love) who comes to work with Lily once a week.  Lily now talks (more) and no wonder she has spent the last 2.5 years screaming.  She may quite possibly be the most demanding little child I have ever known, and the only way to get across her demands until now was screaming.  I treasure the demands with words right now as opposed to the screams - but talk to me in a couple of weeks.  I'm sure I will be singing a different tune.

A LITTLE HELP PLEASE:  During Lily's last speech appointment she thought it would be a grand idea to stick a dime in the slider door.  Everyone praised her for it because as she did it, she said, "I get it!"  Well, as awesome as her new found speech is - my slider door lock is now broken and I cannot get the dime out.  Any suggestions?

My precious baby Will, who everyone adores, is no longer a baby I fear.  I can continue giving him bottles, talking to him like he is a newborn, and pretending that he is incapable of anything a normal toddler would be doing - but I must face the reality, that my son is growing up.

Today he decided to start walking.  Ya, ya, you first time mothers who are anxiously awaiting the day when your child takes their first steps of independence and freedom - by number 4, you dread the moment when now you will be running after yet another child who constantly does dangerous things because they know they can (example above: climbing into Tonka truck and then proceeding to stand in said Tonka Truck to reach something on the computer desk.)  I am not happy about this moment.  Yes, in case you are wondering I smiled and clapped for him as he started walking around in the kitchen - but I was only humoring him.  Darn growing overrated.  Apparently, he did not get the memo.  See, Luke and Emma didn't walk until they were 14 months old.  Lily didn't walk until she was 16 months old.  With Will, I was definitely shooting for 18 months - not 13 months.  We are 5 months ahead of schedule.  Whatever Will, whatever.

Now I must go power clean since our friends from out of state are coming to visit and their son happens to be the boy that Emma has decided she will marry.  I can't have Kellan (my future son in law) thinking we live in squalor. 

Hope your week is starting out fabulously!!!



Power cleaning is what I do every weekend since I run a hope day care!!

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