Monday, October 4, 2010

Hate-Mongers...or maybe just scaredy cats


I detest that phrase.

Really, I do.

And for a while, I think I have fallen into the trap of thinking that because I'm a Christian, I am instantly perceived and labeled a "hate-monger."

There are things, based on the bible, that I believe are right and wrong.  Things that I believe are black and white with no room for gray. 

Yet, God has been working on my heart.

A lot.

I think that it is easier to believe the lie that I am already perceived as a hate-monger than to overcome my fear/anxiety of sharing my faith. 

I think that we (and yes people, I'm totally generalizing, but before you get angry, delete me from your "friend" list and stomp away, here me out...) would rather buy into the story that those who don't know Jesus are angry at God, angry at the church, angry at Christians and therefore they will be forever eternally lost, because simply, we just cannot overcome their angst towards us.

Ok, I know there are people (I have some in my own world) who know about God and Jesus.  They have studied the bible and are probably more knowledgeable about what the bible says than most Christians.  And yes, when they decided to NOT believe in God or Jesus they did so because they were angry.  We would like to think they were angry for no good reason, but by all accounts, they had just cause.  People who called themselves Christians have severely let them down, hurt them, even abused the role they had - and yet proclaimed Jesus the whole time.

But really, are most people in that boat?

I dare say, that most people who have not accepted Jesus into their lives as Lord, haven't done so because no one has told them the Good News.

And instead of accepting the responsibility, and admitting to ourselves that we are failing at the Great Commission, we blame it on them - we say it's because they have shut out the truth because they believe Christians are already hate mongers anyway.

Come on!!!

God is kind, but He's not soft.  We know the truth, and yet we are sitting on our hands.  How selfish!!! 
And, if all that people who don't believe in Jesus know about those of us that do know Him is that we are quick to judge and are all talk and no walk - then maybe we deserve the reputation that we believe goes before us.



Interesting post and it has definitely given me some food for thought.

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