Monday, March 14, 2011

Grumpiness and Glitter - just another Monday.

I'm grumpy.

It's March 14.  We have been unemployed now for 5 weeks.  I'm grumpy.

Ya, I know God will provide.

Ya, I know God is faithful.

Ya, I know God has a plan and a purpose.

But I'm still grumpy.

Do you think God respects my grumpiness - or do you think He expects more, um, mature emotional responses from me?  Either way, I'm grumpy.

But life keeps marching on as the bank account keeps dwindling down and my kids are enjoying having their daddy home...I am too, I just wish it was on a paid vacation...just sayin'.

I registered my kids for kindergarten - I shall not say anymore on this subject because this fact may turn my grumpiness into an all out emotional fit that my babies are going to be in kindergarten.

Then all the monkeys got sick...really sick, RSV sick - for two weeks (which this in and of itself could be a leading contributor to my current state of grumpiness) and yesterday was the first day we entered civilization and we went to church.  It. Was. Fabulous.

I've prayed a lot lately - yes, more than usual, because I like most people tend to pray my little heart out when I am in panic.  I've tried bargaining with God and as I'm praying my bargaining prayers, I feel totally ridiculous, because God knows I rarely if ever hold my end up of the bargain.  I've tried begging.  I've tried convincing.  And yet, when I shut my mouth and listen, I feel like God says, "If he gets this job (the one we are waiting to hear on that you all could be praying that he gets with me) then I will provide.  If he doesn't get this job, I will still provide.  I am in control."

Fine.  I get it.

I don't like it.  I don't like not being in control.  I don't like being uncomfortable.  I don't like it Sam I Am. 

Anyway - I don't know if your Monday is turning out like my Monday, but here's a video of Princess Emma singing a self-written song.  How can you not be a little less grumpy after hearing this, with all it's glitter and sparkles and Jesus - oh and please disregard the screaming children in the background...I do.



We've been praying for you and Dave. Please keep us posted. Bill got blindsided with a 30% pay cut last week. Not the same, I know. But we are hurting for you.

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