Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day...from the kids

Happy Mother's Day!

I would like to report that this here Mother's Day has been my BEST Mother's Day.  Ever.

My two oldest, Luke and Emma, finally seem to get it this year...and I have really enjoyed Luke's goofy grins as he smiles at me today in random moments and says, "Happy Mudder's Day Mommy."

And Emma - well, she has been quite the little lady today and very sweet and was incredibly proud that she brought me my coffee this morning WITHOUT spilling.  I was pretty proud of her too :)

Lily - well, she doesn't get it...but I told her that today if she doesn't scream and she takes a nap, I will be the happiest mommy ever.  So far she has granted me my two requests...and I'm a happy mommy.

Will, he was up promptly at 5:15 this morning since apparently he thinks that's his new wake up time since the sun wakes up now then as well.  But this morning, Dave woke up, and managed to keep the little monkeys quiet until 7 AM.

SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!  I GOT TO SLEEP TILL 7AM...ok, breathe again.  God must love me...and my family must too.

But I received a couple of very sweet letters my kids wrote to me (with a little help) and I thought I would share them...

Luke wrote me a couple:

The first came on the back of this lovely picture

"I love you Mom.  I love you Mom.  I love you all the time and when you do anything.  Love Luke.  Happy Mother's Day." 

Did you hear that?  When I do anything!  Because I rock like that :)

The second came with a head band we made last week for the girls, and Luke (with the help of Aunt Char) made me one.  Very colorful.  I may be sportin' that tonight to my Mother-in-law's...

"Dear Mom, I love you cause you smell like a kitty-cat.  (Under any other circumstance, I would be greatly offended but since my son doesn't know what a cat smells like, I will take that as code for me smelling like roses.)  I love you because God made you.  I love you for always.  I'll like you for forever.  As long as I'm living my mommy you'll be.  (Name that book)  I like you when you're married and you hug and kiss. (Please note that I am always married, but apparently he feels that I am only married when Dave and I are being affectionate.  Might need to clear that one up...)  Roses are RED.  Violets are ORANGE. Daisies are PURPLE.  Tulips are ORANGE too.  I'm so glad to have a mother like YOU!  Happy, Happy Mother's Day!"

The next one was from Emma accompanied by this picture

Notice the 6 of us in a green circle?  That would represent our green house...our VERY green house.  She pays attention to detail people.

"Dear Mommy, I love you so much.  I love you because you are very nice and because you love me so much and you give me snacks. (She knows what is important)  I like when we go on dates together and I want to do that again.  (And she knows what really matters)  Happy Mother's Day!  Love, Emma"

I even got flowers!

Happy Mother's Day everyone - may you experience how priceless you are today and be reminded of how blessed you are.



I'm so glad you had a nice Mother's Day and you got to sleep in and had coffee served to you in bed. The little notes and drawings and home made flowers and hairbands are what really touch our hearts. You are a magnificent Mommy! Happy Mother's Day!

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