Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dear dads, in regards to Valentines...

Valentine's is quickly approaching.

I'm married, to a wonderful man, and pretty regularly get flowers and perhaps chocolate on Valentine's, but really...I don't like the day.

I always, always, ALWAYS have expectations for the day (as well as Mother's Day, anniversary, birthday...) and to be realistic they are rarely met - 1.  Because my husband is definitely not the romantic variety and 2.  Because my expectations are definitely unrealistic in nature.

We all have our issues with Valentine's (well, most of us...except for the rare few who have always been doted on each year by an admiring suitor) but my earliest issue was when I was in school.

There were these little girls who always got flowers and chocolates delivered to school.  Now of course, all the other little girls first were in shock that a boy was already sending a girl flowers - but when we would all approach these girls with smiles from ear to ear, they would inform us that their gifts were from the first love...their daddy.

I remember so clearly - there were the girls who, at the revelation of the sender, would shrug their shoulders and walk away saying, "that's stupid."

There were the girls who would look confused as to why their daddy didn't send them flowers.

There were the girls who would smile brightly back and say, "Look at the flowers my daddy sent me!"

And then there were the girls (which would be where I fell in) who would walk away saddened because I wanted to feel loved and treasured like that.  But I didn't have a dad.

I bet those girls that got those flowers love Valentine's...even to this day.

So Dave and I had a conversation the other day about expectations for Valentine's for our girls...well, and our boys too I suppose.

Since they were little we have always gotten them something - telling them that Valentine's was a day to make the people you love feel very special.  But this is our last Valentine's with the twins, and then next year at this time they will be in Kindergarten.

I talked to Dave about those girls - the ones that always got stuff from their doting dads, and how I would love for our girls to be able to experience that.  To feel like the most treasured, special, wholly loved little girls in school on that God forsaken wonderful day.

So that's what he will do - and the boys?  They will get some sport ball shaped box of chocolates before they go to school...but the girls will get flowers at school.

Dad's, do you make your daughters feel special? 

When seeing a little girl carrying around flowers on Valentine's at school, which girl would your daughter be?  The one resentful and angry, the one hurt and confused, the one sad and lonely, or the one just as happy? 

Does your daughter know that she is your princess?



Our schools have a rule that nothing can be delivered at school so that wouldn't quite work here but I LOVE the idea!

His girl

I love this idea. Funny, your post reminded me of grade school and a friend who got flowers from her daddy, I was soooo jealous and quite sad. Humm...I'm going to have to talk to my hubby...

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