Saturday, April 10, 2010

Candy, self control, blah blah blah

To stay true to my word and follow through with what I promised - I am going back to my post about the Easter candy and consistency. I started out that post by saying that I was eating chocolate as fast as I could before I had to throw it all away due to my children's whining. I then lightheartedly said that it lent itself to my current weight issue that I would address at a later date. Well, today is the later date.
I have got to lose weight.
Before I had Will I was part of a gym and was in the best physical shape I had been in a long time. I was exercising my tail off 5 days out of seven and I felt amazing. My attitude was better, I had more energy and I wanted to eat healthier. Then I got pregnant and just stopped - the weight had just dropped off me with my other pregnancies and I took for granted that it would do the same with this one. However, I did not factor in that I was 3 years older (which apparently makes a huge difference) and my body had decided that a permanent pregnant belly was the way to go.
As well, in talking about the "Fruit of the Spirit" in parenting, I have to look at it throughout my whole life. One of the fruits is self-control. I want to teach my children self-control, and I would like to do so more in action than in words. However, my self-control is lacking when it comes to food. That is my addiction. How embarrassing to admit that on this mommy blog. When there is food, I just eat it - whether or not I'm hungry. I don't just take a couple bites, but I eat and eat, and eat some more - till really, my stomach does not feel good at all. That's enticing I'm sure for my husband.
Anyway, so tonight is going to be a short post - but along with my parenting journey through this joyful jungle of mine I am going to be posting about this journey to better myself for my kids, Dave and me. I want to be a good example to them in words and in action and this is a good place to start. Tomorrow is going to be a new day.


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