Friday, April 16, 2010

Laughter is the best medicine...

Ok, so major mommy blunder this morning.
Dave and I just got a "new" fridge from his uncle - so this morning Dave started to clean it. The kids and I were all outside playing and I heard my phone ring inside. I walked inside for maybe ten seconds and when I walked back out Lily was in the middle of the street on her tricycle. To make things even better, a minivan had come to a dead stop waiting for her to decide what to do. Mom of the Year.
Or maybe a few days ago when my aunt and I took the kids to the track to go running. Emma, since we took her hiking a month or so again has a new found interest in peeing outside. As much as I have reiterated to her time and time again that we only do that in the forest when there are no bathrooms around, apparently the concept hasn't gotten through to her head. So, as the kids were all running, I turned around to see Emma sitting in the middle of the football field peeing. I'm a mommy champ.
Even better was the time I went to Target with all the kids to get child proofing stuff mainly for Luke. I found all the supplies on an end cap, parked the cart and turned my back to look at all the different choices. Then I heard laughter, Luke's laughter. I turned quickly to find that Luke had climbed out of the cart onto the display where they put all the baby swings and was running back and forth until he found the perfect swing and climbed on in to take a ride. The stares from the onlooking mothers where quite the confirmation that I probably was the best mom ever.
Or the time that I had just purchased the Moby wrap after Lily was born. She was probably 2 weeks old when I wrapped her up and decided to clean the office. I bent over and Lily just nicely rolled right out onto a huge pile of paper. Ya, mommy of the year award - right here!
I have countless stories like that, and I'm sure countless more to come. Daily I make mistakes that I'm sure before I had kids I would have been judging up the wazoo for! This journey is one that if we don't laugh at our mistakes or our children's ability to embarrass us more effectively than anyone else, we may go crazy! Laugh at yourself, enjoy the ride...
What are some of your funny mommy stories?


Donna Wood

How about locking Avery and my keys in the car, with it running and she is securely strapped in her carseat, singing, unable to help. We were at the church for Wed. night dinner! Or losing Nathan in the Walmart! Every parent has those times when they feel totally inadequate. Somehow our kids grow up and turn out pretty good in spite of us.

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