Friday, September 3, 2010

Dear Chef Rocco

Dear Chef Rocco,

You were on "The Doctors," talking about how to make good food healthy.

You're handsome and so I bought into what you were saying hook line and sinker (no people, I'm not that easy of a sell...but Chef Rocco, come on!)

I should have known that the approving nods from the doctors were simply not to offend you or make their choice in guest chef look questionable...

So, I did what you said.  I made the brownies.  The brownies that you served the other good looking doctor for his birthday and he smiled and said, "Mmmm...these are good."  I made the brownies that you said were great for diabetic and gluten free diets.

Yes, that's right Chef Rocco - I made your black bean brownies.

As I bought the ingredients, I was hopeful that I would find a great substitute for the treat that I love and not feel guilty if I indulged too much.

As my kids and I began to prepare the brownies we were excited.  We poured the batter into the pan and even tasted the batter.  Ya, it tasted um, beany but we told ourselves it would bake out.

Chef Rocco - it did not bake out!  As a matter of fact, it tasted just like black beans covered with splenda filled chocolate sauce.

Something that has never happened before has happened this week in our home.  The brownies are still in our fridge.

And thank you for your healthy suggestion but in order to get the chocolatey bean taste out of my mouth, we ordered a large pizza and cinnastix...and proceeded to eat the entire thing.

You are handsome but your brownies were not so hot.



Ha Ha!!! Hmmmmm beany brownies sound very gross. I would have done the same thing!! Tuesday nights are always pizza nights around here....mmmm pizza.

Happy Weekend!

Heather from Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

Aaron and Amber

OH! Thanks for the laugh! How you said this was so funny!


You crack me up!! HA HA HA!



Stephanie get props for trying them at least..

Aaron and Amber

OH! Thanks for the laugh! How you said this was so funny!

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