Thursday, September 23, 2010

Then I deleted them...

Ok, I've got nothing.

Just in the last three days I have sat here and wondered where God was in situations, seen God all over situations, and been in awe at how God works everything out according to His will and His timing.

I've begun posts regarding the blog awards that I have received and have yet to do anything with simply because my new "so this is what it means to be involved" schedule is overwhelming me.  And then I have deleted them.

I've begun posts regarding the insane tantrum that Emma threw in the middle of church last night due to sleep deprivation but I'm sure that people were thinking she was demon possessed by the way she was screaming and running in circles and knocking over her siblings.  Ya, it was awesome.  Then I deleted them.

I've begun posts regarding how I'm not a competitive person at heart, but apparently when it comes to mothering I am hugely competitive which is incredibly laughable.  And how ridiculous it is that mommies have these "who is the better, stronger, braver mommy" competitions anywhere we can - be it the store, church, school...Can't we all (including me) just decide that being a mommy to 1 kid or 5 kids is hard and we just need to encourage each other instead of feeling like we have one up on each other?  Then I deleted them.

I started posts regarding the power of prayer and how sometimes our prayers aren't answered in the timing we want, or how we want them to be answered, but that they do in fact get answered.  It was deep and moving, but then I deleted them.

So now I have a multitude of stuff to expand on in the upcoming weeks when I get a moment to breathe and sit down and write out my thoughts in their entirety.  However, right now, I'm going to take my cold-stricken self to the couch and take a nap before we have to maintain our incredibly busy schedule (at least for our family).  And really, real life...real relationships...real friendships...real conversations are just better than blogs. 

I know, shocking.


Angela Gifford

Ha! Ha! I've found myself right there with ya, lately! Sometimes it is just better to live life than to write about it.


I feel you! I am just so tired sometimes I am don't even want to look at my computer!

Peaceful Wishes,


YOU ROCK! I am bummed I missed Emma's show, I am sure it was spectacular! I had to haul James out of his babysitter Elizabeth's going away party kicking and screaming like a wild man... epic moments in parenting - sometimes they make it to the blog, sometimes the journal, and mostly, they are just woven into our life's fabric without our even noticing. God does. I am thankful for that, I know you are too.


yep! been there too! but I don't delete my posts - I keep them in case I want to add to them later or change it around a bit. It sure is a challenge being creative all the time - but I find people generally love everyday stuff about mothering :)


I feel you! I am just so tired sometimes I am don't even want to look at my computer!

Peaceful Wishes,

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