Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've arrived - I am now a soccer mom.

Yesterday it happened.

I officially became a soccer mom.

No, I do not have a big soccer ball picture on the back of my minivan yet (don't push it people) but I was there...hovering - and that was only the beginning.

I explained the hovering away to my aunt who is a teacher and hovering parents drive her crazy.  Despite her intensely loud clearing of her throat to inform me I was hovering, I politely ignored her and told her that, "all the other parents were doing it too." 

But the moment it happened, I knew it. 

The twins were both playing, both kicking the ball, both running.

Let's pause here and remember t-ball.  The only time I saw Luke running was when it was snack time. 

But yesterday, they were running and smiling, and participating with only a smidgen of whining due to the rain and chill factor.  It was incredible.  The kids were actually good for NEVER playing soccer before and being 4...I was impressed.  So impressed in fact, that I was screaming from the side lines to, "KICK THAT BALL!  RUN!  RUN!  NO!!!!  THE OTHER WAY!!!!"

There were other soccer moms on the team too.  Thank goodness.

But as I was screaming, I had this moment of realization that I was in fact a soccer mom.  I tried to grab my obnoxious words as they flowed so freely out of my mouth and stuff them back in so I could be calm, quiet cool mom...but there was no doubt about it - it was too late.  I am a soccer mom, mini van and all.

Even as recent as two months ago I sat there watching t-ball parents and swore up and down that I would NEVER be like them.  I would never be screaming (encouragement, mind you) loudly from the sidelines. 

When will I learn that when I say "never," it typically happens way sooner than I ever imagined it would.

But really - how can you not be super excited at 3 and 4 year olds playing soccer like they know what they are doing...even if it is into the other team's goal?

Oh, and pictures will come people - but let's be honest, yesterday I was too busy screaming to take pictures.  Oh.My.Gosh...I am that parent.


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