Sunday, March 28, 2010


It is said that confession is good for the soul.
Let that sentence sink in a little bit. Confession, an admission of misdeeds or fault, is good for the soul.
As a mom and a wife we have so much on our plates. We have so many roles and hats that we wear on a daily basis and occasionally, or quite frequently, some of those plates seem to crash on the floor and shatter into a million pieces. Other times our graceful disposition really shines and we juggle all of these with elegance and beauty. I don't know about all you other women, but for me the latter doesn't happen nearly as often as the former much to my disappointment and to my family's too I'm sure. However, in those moments when there are broken shards of glass plates all over the floor, do you sweep them under the rug or do you have a friend to hold the dustpan for you while you clean it up?
Now in a perfect world, our dear husbands would be holding the dust pan lovingly as we swept up the glass in our high heels and all would be sparkling clean when all was said and done. However, what if the thing you dropped was something in regards to him? What if you forgot to iron his shirt for work and you guys got in a fight? Or if you think he is absolutely being crazy because he expects the kids to all be sitting calmly singing Kumbaya when he walks through the door after his day at work? And what if it was something more serious and you needed wisdom and discernment in how to respond to a situation with your husband? What do you do in that situation?
Just for fun this morning I typed into Google, mom confessional, and a website called came up. So, out of curiosity I checked it out. And there on the website were confessions from moms spreading from cute stories about their children to not wanting to live anymore. Quite the gamut. There were pages and pages of "confessions" just from today! Obviously it is meeting a need, but I think it's kind of sad.
Since I have become a stay at home mom there have been so many ups and downs in my world that I never saw coming. There have been points where Dave and I have been frustrated with each other and not seeing eye to eye, and times where Dave and I have been frustrated with our kids because we totally feel outnumbered, and times where things have been exactly what I dreamed about when I dreamed about having a family. And in all those seasons of life I have needed to talk things through, confess how I feel about the situations I am in, and thankfully I have a few very close friends that I am able to use as my "confessional."
I really think as moms we need those friendships that you can use as sounding boards. Friends you can call up and say, "what's your opinion" or "You will not guess what happened today..."We as mom need those friendships in our world that will give us insight and wisdom into our situations and not foolish advice. As I have talked about before, we need those friends who are real and transparent so that we can learn from each other.
Obviously, based on the popularity of this site, people need to confess. People need to talk about their struggles and their victories. But with a website, really?
As moms, when you think of coming together with a bunch of other moms what comes to mind? For some of you, a bullet to the head would be more preferable - I totally get that! But if you can put that initial hesitation aside and think about the possibility of getting together with other moms who are in this journey too, what would you want from that? A time for discussion? A place where you can just vent? Learning times when people come in and talk about subjects we all want to know more about? I'm interested. Please let me know your ideas of a perfect situation where you would be able to learn from others and "confess" what is going on in your world.


Candie Sharon

Posting a feeling on an annonomous website is cathartic to some. They don't have friends or family that they can talk to without being judged for their thoughts or opinions! The only way to get it off their chests is to post it on a website where no one will ever know wo it is to or from!! If you have a friend or family member that will let you vent and not judge you - you are blessed.

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