Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Something that has always driven me since I was a little girl was being independent. I wanted to tie my own shoes, pick out my own clothes, do my own laundry, live on my own. Now, that we have kids I want to teach our children independence. As soon as they learned how to pull up a zipper they were putting on their own coats. As soon as they knew how to pull up their pants, they were doing it by themselves. And as soon as they knew how to get the velcro done on their shoes, their feet were their responsibility.

Now, what I am about to say is purely political, so please forgive me if you don't share my same views, but everyone has an opinion on this, and this is mine - so bear with me.

I wish that we lived in a country that supported my view on independence. A country that supported those who went and got a job and worked hard for their paychecks. A country that rewarded those families who were paying their own bills. A country that encouraged those parents who knew what was important and did it - like, I don't know, getting insurance for their kids. However, we don't live in that country.
If we work really hard and get a good paycheck, we pay more taxes. If we earn good bonuses, they take more than half of it away. If we pay our bills, great! But if we don't, that's ok, because the government will bail us out anyway. And now, we will all be forced to pay for insurance for those who haven't been responsible enough to get insurance.
I know it's harsh. But seriously. Dave has ms. Our insurance got dropped when he was diagnosed. I was enraged. I then looked for insurance options that would cover him. I found only special plans that were outrageously priced. So, I found a plan that took 20 percent off a medical bill if we had one. And that worked just fine until he found a job with great insurance.
I think government programs are fine, especially when you find yourself in a position that was seemingly beyond your control and you just need a little hand up. HOWEVER, when we make it a requirement that we can not make our own decisions anymore and that the government can make our decisions for us better than we can - that's wrong! When we create an environment where it's easier and more beneficial to not work hard, to not strive for something better, to not labor for success - I don't know how that is any kind of dream. It seems like a nightmare to me full of lazy, under inspired people who really care about nothing other than the pursuits of their own laziness.
So, all this to say, I hope that my kids learn the virtue of independence from me instead of looking at the government and the new dream they are handing out of really no future at all. I hope my children will want to work for what they have and make their own decisions instead of having a government make their decisions for them.
I love America and what it stands for. Freedom and liberty. I do not, however, like the government and what it currently stands for. Control and dependence.
Now, I will get off my soap box, and once again - if you do not agree, please forgive me as this is my blog and if you have a differing opinion please write it on your blog. I will read and take your opinion into consideration.


Martha A.

It is frustrating and so, so husband has an uninsurable condition too, except through Medicare and now I read Medicare gets cut with this...not sure what will happen. i just can't afford insurance for me....I just pay everything myself and try to stay healthy!

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