Saturday, March 20, 2010

Want some ice cream?

Yesterday my husband and I took our kids on a short hike up Tubbs Hill for a picnic. Two major events here. This was our FIRST hike as a family, all six of us together, and our first picnic. The kids were excited about eating the whole way up and when we found the perfect spot for our clan, we spread out the blanket and began eating our turkey sandwiches and broccoli.
As other hikers passed us my son Luke started talking to every single one. He was asking questions like, "what's your name?" "you going on a picnic?" "do you like broccoli?" And for the most part, they were kind enough to answer him and engage in conversation for a few brief seconds. Then Emma reminded Luke that last time Aunt Char and I took them for a hike we got milkshakes. Luke got so excited and then began to ask every person if they like ice cream and if they wanted to come with us to get milkshakes. At one point I was pretty certain we would have quite the party at the ice cream parlor.
The way that Luke was so kind and welcoming to every person on that hill made me start to think. As a mom, as a parent, what things do I want to teach my children? What traits do I want them to carry on with them into adulthood? Integrity, independence, kindness? Curiosity, commitment, work ethic?
I have thought of this question before and decided on integrity. However this time as I pondered the question, I landed with kindness. Although there are so many traits and characteristics I want to instill in my children and pray my heart out that they carry into adulthood, I think kindness is pretty close to the top of my list.
And if kindness, integrity or whatever is so important to teach my children - am I leading by example? Am I the model of a kind person? I hope so - but yesterday I was challenged by Luke and he inspired me to be more kind.
So, I'm asking for response. What traits do you want your children to carry with them into adulthood? What traits do you see in your children already that you can be inspired by?


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