Sunday, June 20, 2010

Being trained in potty training.

Really?  Really?  You potty trained your kid at six months?  At six months they were crawling to the toilet and going potty?  At six months?

I know that you are totally lying your kid is a total genius and could probably read college lit books by the time they were one, but unfortunately my kids just aren't as smart as yours.

I despise potty training.  I started potty training the twins promptly when they turned two - because according to everyone, that's when I was supposed to.  It lasted one hour before we had gone through all of the training pants and I had cleaned up so many messes from two children that I was done.  I decided that they could potty train themselves when they felt grossed out enough by diapers.

The world's not kind to newly three year olds who are still in diapers - they think something is wrong with kids and their parents ability to parent.  My kids were able to grasp Jesus dying on a cross and living in their hearts - but going poop in the potty was beyond their comprehension.  I didn't really care that they were still in diapers; that is until I had Will.

I would line up all four kids in order:  Luke, Emma, Lily and Will.  Then I would proceed to change all their diapers in an assembly line fashion.  I could no longer change Luke's big three year old bottom and then change Will's tiny little behind.  It was just not working for me anymore.  So we bought them bribe toys that sat beyond their reach and low and behold, they trained themselves shortly after turning three.

I suppose I was delirious hopeful in thinking that Lily would be quicker with the whole endeavor.  But I am doubtful after the last couple of days, and quite honestly - I don't care.  She is SO stubborn and strong willed that if I make it my idea she will resist.  So, I won't.  She may be yet another kid that isn't potty trained until they are three.


You just hold on to your story of potty training at six months - you have a genius. 

(Yes, that is Lily wearing a pull-up OVER a diaper.  Nice.)


Martha A.

Oh boy, I am with you the the genius kids or their crazy parents.....i had these children who potty training was awful for me and them. i am not sure what went wrong in the connection there...but it was misery. And I think people thought i was simply a lazy mother.....well, I did hate the fact that potty training meant that any kind of excrement could get spread around the house and that grossed me out more than changing diapers. My oldest....I worked on potty training for a long second one was stubborn and I finally let my sister train him by whatever means needed at the age of was bad. It was a week...he was done with diapers forever. My third and fourth, I just said...who cares....they can train themselves. i set them on the toilet when I changed them and eventually there were no more was great! Except for dealing with the other parents.

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