Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Meet my kids...

Luke is four.
He loves Spiderman.  He used to love Thomas the Tank Engine but now that he is four he loves Spiderman.  He used to demand to be called Choo Choo Guy, but now he dresses up as Spiderman daily and we have to refer to him as Spiderman.
Luke tried to drive yesterday, and is still in shock I think.  Luke woke up no less than ten times last night to tell me that he loved me.  Cute.
In the developmental screening today at his 4 year old check up he was asked if he knew a song.  He sang his rendition of the Spiderman theme song.  Fitting.
Emma is four.
Emma is a princess, to the fullest extent of the word.
Emma loves jewelry, makeup (pretend) and fancy dresses.  Emma does not like to leave the house, or even her room without a fancy dress on.
Emma's best friend right now is her 85 year old great grandmother.  If it was up to Emma, she would spend alone time every day for hours on end with Granny.  She thinks she is absolutely fascinating and wonderful.
Emma is very smart, brave and motherly to her brothers and sister.  She is strong willed, stubborn but incredibly gentle and loving.
Emma dressed in a fancy dress, tights, heels and jewelry today for her doctors appointment.  She was quite the little lady saying "thank you" to all the compliments.
Lily is two and a half.
Lily is full of life and energy.
Lily wants to be potty trained - but quite honestly, I just don't have it in me right now.  I really don't like the "training" part of it at all and much prefer them to decide that they just want to be done with diapers.  That's much easier - albeit longer to actually take place than real training.
Lily is the loudest human being on the face of the planet and causes the police to be called because she disturbs our neighbors peace with her loudness.
Lily knows what she wants, and she usually gets it.
Today Lily...wait, nevermind - no one wants to hear about poopy diapers and two year olds taking them off before their mothers get to them.
Will is 10 months old.
Will is proving himself to be quite the contender for being the handful of the family.
He started his life out with fighting for his health in the NICU for two weeks, and now he throws himself on his siblings to wrestle them to the ground - smiling the entire time.  He already climbs on the table, in cupboards, up stairs.  But his disposition is wonderful, and he is easy going and it doesn't take much to please him.
Today due to the prodding of his sisters and brother he stuck his hand in the mouth of a stray cat that found itself at our back door.  His sisters and brother were laughing hysterically and then he too thought he was quite impressive with his feat of bravery.
I know I am in for it with Will.  Bring it on.
Those are my kids.  Those are the kids I prayed for, longed for, hoped for.  Those are the kids that exhaust me and challenge me daily.  Those are the kids that God chose for Dave and me.
With preschoolers driving cars, toddlers and poop, babies and stray animals and princesses that require a wardrobe - I love my life.
I am so glad I'm a mommy.



Your children are beautiful and you are an amazing mommy!

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