Saturday, June 26, 2010

I need a getaway.

I need a getaway. 

I'm thinking of a cabin on a mountain somewhere sans children (definitely) and hubby (possibly) with no technology and maybe a book.  No, scratch the book.  Just a chair, a bed, and food already cooked waiting for me in the fridge. I could sit in silence and just watch the wind blow the trees.  Seriously, I'm not a hermit or someone who hates social interaction - but my life is so loud.  Quiet sounds good.  But, here's the problem:  I'm not an introvert.  I would go nuts.

Ok, I need a getaway to a romantic city.  That's cheap to get to.  That's close enough that if I had to get back right away it wouldn't take me three days.  And I need friends to go with me, who are in desperation of a getaway too.  Hmmm, scratch that.  Girls night would be fun, but a getaway?  If I got to get away, I would need to get away with my hubby.  Definitely hubby - pretty sure he needs one just as much as I do.

Hmmm....scratch the romantic city.  The ocean.  Now, that's relaxing.  A little cute ocean side town - and then we can walk everywhere instead of fighting over how either of us are driving (that's always fun.)

Ok, so no children, with hubby, at the ocean.

And I would need a massage - no, not the shoulder squeeze massages that last 10 seconds that Dave gives, but a real masseuse one.  Ooh, a couple's massage - that would be cool...wait, are those cool or a little weird?  I wouldn't know.  They sound cool though.

No children, with hubby, at ocean, couple's massage.

Yep.  There we have it.  That's what I need.  And I'm sure that there is someone who will read this and say, "No no no, that is a want not a need."  No, it is in fact a need - let me assure you. 

Anyone want to babysit four heart warming children? :)


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