Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ya, that was me

I registered Luke for tee ball today.  Sort of a weird feeling having my boy playing baseball; I'm not really embracing this whole "growing up" thing all too well.  So, I loaded my kids in the van to drop off the form that of course is only one day away from being too late at city hall.  Luke was sporting his Spiderman costume (of course), Emma was in her dress and an apron (whatever floats your boat) and Lily was of course covered in dirt from head to toe (inevitable with that child.)  It has been a couple weeks since anyone has been sick so Will volunteered this time and had a nice flow of snot coming from his nose.  Me - well, I've been going full steam ahead since 4:45, so you can only imagine how I look!

As we dropped off the form, Luke who apparently thought we were going to play tee ball was quite angered that we were just dropping off a form.  So, I came up with a grandiose idea to divert his attention that we would go on an adventure to find treasure.  Ya, I'm that bright.

So, yes that was me with the super hero, chef, dust ball and asthmatic baby walking around downtown collecting pinecones, grass, rocks, sticks and flowers for our treasure hunt.  And you are welcome for telling Emma no when she asked if the park was a forest (because she had to go to the bathroom, and has an affinity for peeing on the ground since her first hike back in April and has deemed anything a forest if it needed to be such as the high school football field, a public park, etc.)  So, yes that was also me running to the closest bathroom with the super hero, chef, dust ball and asthmatic baby just in time before we had a catastrophic accident in yet another public park.

That was also me who had the wonderful idea of taking my kids to the store at 5:00 pm (only the busiest time of day) to make our own healthy popsicles out of yogurt.  And yes, that was my two year old dust ball who decided that throwing the yogurt at the checker would be a fabulous way of helping.  It only exploded a tiny bit.  The checker showed me mercy and still accepted my coupon off of six even though now I only had five.

We put all of our treasures into groups, counted each one and learned about nature.  We made our yogurt popsicles that I informed the kids they were more than welcome to have for breakfast tomorrow.  We even learned why talking with mean words makes people feel yucky (thank you group of young girls who decided every other word out of your mouth would be a four letter one.)  Luke got to see some boys play baseball and they even gave Luke a ball to keep.  And I got to see Emma stick up for her sense of style to all the girls who sneered at her apron - and then after her explanation all really wanted one.

We had fun today, just the five of us.  My kids were exceptionally good and followed instruction wonderfully (you never know with four little ones) and bed time was a breeze.  Today was a good day.  A full day, but a good one.  I like good days.  I'm certain that life is just better when you are having fun living it.  Now to come up with a genius idea of what to do with all of our forest treasures...anyone, anyone?



Wow, you're very brave to take all the kids to the park all by yourself! I love your blog--you always make me laugh!!


Love the little Spiderman, chef, dustball, and asmatic baby!!


Sounds like a day they'll remember. :)

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