Saturday, July 24, 2010

Birthdays and New Jobs...woohoo.

My lawn is covered with towels.

I'm sure my neighbors love us.

But for good reason folks, for good reason.  We got our van washed today by the local football team - and me with kids 1-3 decided against staying the extra fifteen minutes to have them dry it.  So we drove home and I pulled out three towels to let them dry it off themselves.  They of course needed three towels - each.  But that's cool, right.  What's a few more loads of laundry?  But Luke said the entire time, "I'm a hawd woaker" ("hard worker" for those of you who never had children with Boston accents.)

Today is Will's birthday and I think if I get any more lack luster regarding it, people may question my love for him.  I just love that little boy, and this year has gone was too extremely fast for my liking.  But he has survived and that deserves a celebration - especially for a boy they weren't sure was going to make it to begin with!

Add to this Dave is going crazy.  He is waiting to hear whether or not he got a new job.  The guy said he would call him this weekend.  In Dave's time frame that was at like 8 this morning...not so my friends, not so.  He just left begrudgingly to go to his current job while praying that he will get the call soon because he cannot focus on much more than if his phone is on or not.  Poor guy.

And we decided to do a yard sale.  Ya, that will be fun.  Do you sense my extreme use of sarcasm there friends?  I HATE GARAGE SALES.  Even more than shopping at garage sales, I HATE DOING GARAGE SALES.  I would rather poke myself in the eye.  Ok, not really - but seriously, I don't like them.  But our new "Dave Ramsey, we have to ignore you just this once" van will be requiring a payment soon, and with a possible job transfer and weird pay schedules a garage sales is eminent.  Fine.  I will be a good sport.  But I'm not doing coffee and donuts at it- I just can't force myself to be that cheery regarding it.

So sorry about my all over the place post today...not very purposeful I know.  However my car is clean, my boy is 1, my husband may soon have a fantastic job with a great future and we will soon have less clutter.  I suppose it is a good day.


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