Thursday, July 1, 2010

Say, "Cheese!"

I attempted our first family photo when the twins were six months.  Dave and I loaded the kids up in their jammies because we knew that they would destroy their outfits during the long drive to the portrait studio.  After a 45 minute drive we arrived at the department store portrait studio a few minutes early.  I grabbed the diaper bag to get their clothes and as I was unzipping the bag I remembered that I had left their clothes on the couch at home.  So, much to Dave's dismay, I walked into the store and spent fifty dollars on two outfits.  I changed the twins and then went to check us in with the lady at the front.

"I'm so sorry, we are running behind today.  It will be about another fifteen minutes." Great.  My six month old babies have a small window in which they will be pleasant and not screaming.  Fifteen minutes is cutting it close lady, cutting it real close.  But I just smiled and pleasantly said, "ok."

Fifteen minutes passes and then twenty, so I walked back to the lady and she breaks the news.  "I'm sorry, the kids that we are shooting right now are just really cranky, it's taking much longer than expected.  It will probably be another thirty minutes." 30 MINUTES?!?!?!  There was no way I would be able to keep my babies content for that long just sitting there - besides, they were getting hungry and I knew if I fed them they would spit it up all over their cute, newly bought clothes.  "We can't wait thirty minutes.  I will reschedule for another time.  Thanks anyways."

By this point the kids are screaming because they have always loved to enforce the fact to everyone around that I NEVER feed them.  So, Dave takes them to the car while I try to return the outfits.  They wouldn't take them back - I was returning them to the lady I had bought them from just a few minutes earlier and she wouldn't take them back.  I then informed her of the situation, got a little fire in my eyes, and she then changed her mind.  Smart lady.  I run outside to find Dave standing by the car about to go crazy because the twins were both screaming.  "Where are their bottles?  Why didn't you give them their bottles?"

"Melissa, it would probably have been helpful to PACK the formula.  No formula, no bottles."  So, we endured the 45 minute drive back with two screaming children who were starving and we had no pictures to show for it.

Today was the first time since then, almost 4 years later, that I have attempted to do family pictures.  This time it was with a friend taking them outside (much better than a stuffy studio).  As we were driving there Dave and I got into a nice little argument.  Nothing like a good fight right before you have to gaze lovingly into each others eyes.  However, we got over ourselves and I am hopeful that a few good ones were taken.  Four kids and two grownups walking in six different directions doesn't make for any easy shoot I'm sure.  I am excited though to post some pics when we get them.  But I would venture to say, we probably won't be doing this again for another four years!



That's funny! Can't wait to see the pictures, especially the family picture of all of you together! I'm sure they will be great!

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