Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodbye dear friend, goodbye.

Everybody take your seats!

McDonald's has Spiderman toys.

No, I am not endorsing McDonalds or their happy meals.  I am just sharing the good news that I have heard countless times from Luke within the last couple of days.  The boy is passionate.  For the first part of his life it was Thomas.  Now it's Spiderman.  He is not easily distracted, and I expect this obsession to last quite a few more years.  Hooray.

 So today, in good motherly fashion, after Will's doctor appointment I swung by McDonald's and bought happy meals...well, and of course something for myself.  Yes people, I let my children eat the "50 cows from Brazil" burgers from McDonald's and the "maybe it's chicken" chicken nuggets.  Yes people, before I had children when I was still the perfect parent and knew EVERYTHING about child rearing I swore up and down that I would never allow my children to eat there.  The movie "Super Size Me" convinced me that if I fed it to my children that not only would they be obese but that they may hate me for the rest of their lives.

Well, you know what "Super Size Me" guy?  You don't have kids.  And guess what?  McDonald's has Spiderman toys right now.  So there!

 And yes - it's a waste of money.  My kids eat two bites then they are done.  They just want the toy.  Twenty-two dollars later and we have four toys that will inevitably be in the trash within five days.  Be proud Dave Ramsey, be proud.

And I savored the food today as I ate it (pretty disgusting quite actually but I love it for the convenience...and no that's not just an excuse.  You cook with 4 babies hanging on your legs - McDonald's is sounding pretty good now, huh?)  But yes, then I ate a Klondike bar and followed it with some Sierra Mist.  You may be wondering, "Is she getting paid to endorse here?"  No friends, I am not.  I am though trying to get so sick with crap today that when I start a diet, yes a diet, tomorrow I will have no interest.

Yes, I'm going on a diet.  Darn 4th kid...haven't lost the baby weight yet.  Haven't really been eating right or exercising the way I should either, but I would much rather blame it on Will so I don't have to take responsibility for my laziness.  I prefer avoidance.  But lest I digress - I must lose this weight so I don't look miserable and frumpy in all my pictures - since the amount of pictures in which I actually appear are so limited I need to look fab-u-lous in all of them.

So tomorrow starts the diet.  I am doing it along with another mommy blogger, So goodbye McDonald's.  Thank you for your Spiderman toys - it was a wonderfully sweet send off.  Goodbye Klondike bars - you were a nice treat (and considerably less expensive than Fat Boys and with a much better, non judgmental name).  And goodbye Sierra Mist - you drink that has much more pizazz than boring.old.water.

Maybe "Super Size Me" guy should do a documentary on something we don't know already.  I mean, didn't we all know that eating at McDonald's every meal for an entire month may possibly be bad for your health?  Maybe he should do a documentary on how to cook for four kids and a husband with twenty minutes of time and make a meal that everyone will like.  Now that will be edge of your seat entertaining.


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