Friday, July 9, 2010

Coach Melissa - ha.ha.ha.

I warned them.  I was very forthright when I told them I had four kids...that I may be a bit distracted.  I even told them that they were all 4 and under and still completely dependent on me.  They didn't seem phased.  Now we are the coaches of the t-ball team.  Nice.

Dave is much better at focusing on the task at hand than I am in regards to coaching.  Luke's the only one on the team (except for last practice when Emma acted like she was going to die if she wasn't on the team, until half way through when she decided she would rather be a ballerina) so while he is messing around playing baseball, the other three kids are wreaking havoc supposed to be playing on the playground.  Not so much.

I dare say - I may be the most ADD t-ball coach...ever.  I'm in the middle of talking to a boy about not spinning around on the base with his glove covering his head when I run off to find Luke finding a nice little corner to go pee in (ya, that's a proud moment.)  Or in the middle of breaking up a fight (consisting of two baseman and one batter) over a ball, I run off because Will looks like he may die of heat exhaustion.  However, I think the mom's are thankful they aren't the ones running around with no clue what they are doing...I'm ok with that role - it's typically how I feel most days anyway.

 The first game is this Tuesday which I'm really excited for.  The entertainment alone will be far more priceless than the 26 dollars we paid to have Luke be involved.  Pictures and videos coming...oh boy.



You are doing a great job... and yes, all the other moms are glad to let you do the job, no doubt!! :)

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