Monday, July 12, 2010

Really, when did I become a "Grown Up"?

So, I turned 29 yesterday.  For some reason, I'm excited about turning 30, but 29 - not so much.  Maybe, because I have this thing in my head that when I turn 30 I will have it together - or maybe I should have it together.  At 29...I definitely do not have it all together.

And really I know that "should's" and "should not's" should not be in my vocabulary, but they are - yes, indeed they are.  So - what do I want to get together before I turn the big 3-0?  Hmmm...

I would like to get my...wait, before I get a ton of comments from those of you who have seen 30 come and go, I know I will never have it ALL together...but some things I think I should by the time I'm thirty and all grown up...right?  Ok, so the things I want to get together:

1.  I'm a yeller.  By the time I get to 30, I would like to have my yelling conquered.  I hate yelling.  I don't like myself when I yell.  It is not effective.  Stupid yelling must stop.

2.  The reason why I yell - is my short temper.  Yes folks - I am short tempered.  I must get my impatient, short tempered little attitude out of my world.  No one likes short tempered Melissa - especially me.  I feel quite stupid when I'm throwing a fit like a four year old...ooh, totally know where they get it from.

3.  Balance - as in balance between getting everyone else taken care of and still finding time to brush my hair on a regular basis.  I know I will find it at some point inevitably as the kids grow older - but people come on, I can't wait three more poor husband needs to find me attractive NOW.  So, seriously, I need to find time DAILY to exercise and more than five minutes to put effort into how I look.

4.  I have got to learn how to cook.  Really.  No huge cookbook adventures, but quick healthy meals that won't take me 45 minutes to prepare.  I have fifteen - maybe thirty on a good night to get a dinner on the table.  Yet, I never wanted to learn how to cook when I was younger because apparently I didn't think it was necessary...uh ya, I was incorrect.  Totally necessary.

5.  A social life.  Although I love input daily, with or without permission from my children, I need adult interaction.  Before kids, we used to have people over all the time.  With kids - a social wasteland.  We have so many excuses as to why our lives are not socially friendly - but we have to get over ourselves.  And I need to have girl nights.  I don't drink and I'm fairly cheap, so what does that leave?  Hmmm, girls you got to help me out.

6.  Consistent time with the Lord.  Ya, ya - don't you always have to put that on a goal list just so you feel like you have met your obligatory Sunday school answer for a goal?  But seriously, I need this.  Shocking, I know, but when I have taken the time to be consistent in spending time with God, I am more patient and sweet tempered and not the short tempered yelling monster that typically rears its ugly head.  So, I'm not just being religious, I'm serious.  Real bible time...and I think my kids will find great value in seeing Mommy spending time with the Lord consistently, ok, I know they will.

And that about sums it up on my first full day of being 29.  Who knows if I will succeed at these, but I feel like I need to since it's becoming quite evident that I'm an adult (who regularly needs to moisturize my skin on a regular basis - when did that happen?)

So, now I'm going to go take a shower (#3) and then clean up my house so I can have dishes to cook dinner tonight (#4) right after I go tell my kids to go to sleep for the 4th time without screaming (#1 and #2)  Oh, it's going to be a long year.

Who's up for a girl night? :)

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