Monday, July 19, 2010

Cleanliness is next to Godliness...wait, where is that in the Bible?

So I was looking at pictures of when my twins were little babies.  Ya, they were cute - but what I really noticed?  My house was clean.

Seriously clean.

Ok, well, Dave and I have always had arguments regarding dishes and laundry.  In our premarital counseling class we had to do a division of labor worksheet.  Me in all my domestic delusion, despite working a full time job as well, decided I would do EVERYTHING when it came to the house.  I wanted to be the quintessential homemaker. Hil.Ari.Ous.

That ridiculous dream was short lived my friends. 

So, we have fought more about dishes and laundry in our seven year marriage than anything else.  I suppose that's good - since I am quite aware there are many more grievous arguments that could be had.  Anyway - despite all that, our house was clean.

There were pictures of the babies laying on the carpet - that had no stains on it.  It hadn't seen smashed nutrigrain bars or continual rounds of vomiting children or stepped on bananas.  It hadn't experienced the sippy cup that didn't work so well full of grape juice.  There it was in all of it's glory - a nearly white carpet.

My father in law can attest to the fact that it was no longer nearly white when we moved out a year and a half after the kids were was more of a lovely shade of brown and gray.

I remember my house always smelled good too and I rarely ever had to clean up spills. 

Now, my pictures - take a look for yourselves - are full of backgrounds that include dirty clothes randomly thrown wherever and piles of junk.

I in all actuality am a minimalist - even before being a minimalist was cool.  Being a mom of four little kids is not favorable to those who are minimalists.  You would not know I am like that, but I am.  I hate clutter.

I. HATE. CLUTTER. we are going to have some friends over tonight, well - a long lost friend and his wife we have never met but are very excited to meet. We are very excited about dinner tonight - but my house is a mess.

And what am I doing?

Cleaning hysterically?  No, I'm blogging about cleaning.  Come on Melissa, get it together.

I would take a picture of my house that just 24 hours ago was a picture of cleanliness, but I can't since my darling son broke my 1300 dollar camera...I'm a little bitter, thank God he is cute.

Ok, enough of my rambling, I have got to get to it. 

Ooh, maybe I should call my Mary Poppins and go sit at Starbucks for a couple of hours.  That should give her enough time.

No, I will just succumb to my division of labor worksheet and just do it.  Myself.


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