Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Poor 4th baby

Poor 4th baby.

Last night we had friends over...and yes my house did get clean (well, at least the parts they saw).  They brought their son who is about Will's age and she is pregnant with their second. 

It was dinner time, so they proceeded to get their son buckled into the booster seat, put a nice disposable bib on him, and cut up a piece of pizza into super small bite size pieces.  I on the other hand pulled Will's shirt off, threw him into the high chair (I don't even know when the last time I buckled him in was) and ripped apart a piece of pizza willy nilly since I had to also get juice for the three others and somehow eat amidst all the chaos.  I had to chuckle.

As their son became inquisitive about our stairs they told him no and that was the end of that.  Will on the other hand climbed the stairs and had been playing for about ten minutes before I realized that he was even up there.

Poor 4th baby.

Luke and Emma have baby books, almost completed (well, except for the teeth and the growth charts...come on - I can't keep up).  Lily has a baby book that is, well, it has her name and the day she was born written in it.  Ok, poor 3rd baby as well.  But Will, poor 4th baby, doesn't even have a baby book.  That's sad.  As a baby shower gift I should have requested someone to do the baby books for me. 

When the twins were born I was way more Type A.  With Lily I was definitely Type B.  With Will, well, what is the personality type for "if you survive to your next birthday we will all have a party"? 

I had to laugh though last night...because I'm so laid back now out of pure coping skills which I believe has forced Will to be laid back as well.  And I dare say, he is the easiest baby EVER...well, in my short history of knowing babies.  I wonder if my Type Z personality is misunderstood?  Hmmm....

Anyway, baby 4 is turning 1 on Saturday.  When babies 1 and 2 turned one, I printed out pictures and had people write little notes on the matting for them (way cute by the way.)  When Lily turned 1 I had really cute announcements made for her - that I neglected to send out, but that's besides the point.  But Will?  Probably out of my denial that my baby is going to be one, I just remembered that it will be his birthday. 

Yes folks, I am THAT awesome.

But regardless of my difference in parenting approach to Will versus Luke and Emma, I love him with all my heart just like I do all my kids...even if I haven't developed any pictures of him yet and put them up in our house.

Happy birthday precious boy, I love you.



Just wait until you get to number ten! He is 17 months old and doesn't even have a baby book! Poor kid had to eat a swiss cake roll with a candle in it for his "birthday cake"! LOL!

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